lo and behold…

one sock downI finished a sock last night, woohoo. Took me long enough. But to be fair, it’s actual cast-on date was the day before I left for Nashville; and since I’ve been back I’ve been working on multiple projects – the only ones being finished in this time were those intended for the charity craft sale. Will cast on for it’s sock-mate this evening during tonight’s season premieres (Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives…).

Speaking of the craft sale, here’s where I finished up with that.
Six items in total (not the 8 I had hoped):

– an iPod Nano Cozy
– a camera cozy
– a knitted coffee sleeve (‘java jacket’)
– the felted clutch / accessory holder
– a cowl / neckwarmer
– and a toque (Foliage)

quickie cowljava jacket  
I’m really pleased with how all of these things turned out and I hope that they generate some sales next weekend.

Last month I had envisioned September as being a month of spinning. Since the knitting group’s field trip to a sheep farm in June I’ve acquired a new stash – roving. There is quite a bit of this beautifully coloured fibre to be spun, but apparently no time to get started! What I should do is post pics of the roving here on my blog, and hopefully this serves as a constant reminder that it has remained somewhat unloved since it’s purchase – lol.  So here goes…

"Hyacinth""Apples & Plums""Cyclamen"vibrant!
I think what I have to do is actually set aside one evening per week, and dedicate my efforts to getting some spin-action happening. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! Perhaps a better goal would be to try and turn one of the above picutres into a skein of yarn before December 31st… That may be a little more achieveable. Me being a slow crafter and all :)

Yesterday was a much needed day of rest. Most of the day was spent on the couch, knitting. Went to the grocery store, stocked up on ‘real’ food, cooked me and my man a ‘real’ dinner, and then spent the rest of the evening knitting while I re-watched Heroes (for the 3rd AND 4th time – gotsa luv time shift TV, tee hee hee). Can’t get enough of that show. Love Sylar. And also very happy to see that the writers/producers gave Peter Petrelli some balls this season. He’s not such a pansy-a$$ anymore, hooray! But what did they do to Mohinder? *shudders* Ick!

Today I’m off to meet some girlfriends for lunch. As I was sipping my tea earlier I was thinking about how long us girls had been friends. Well we met in junior high, so that would make it…1989 (1989!!). Holy schnikes. That’s going on twenty years! Wow. I’m so lucky to still have these girls in my life. We may not see each other as much as we did in junior high & high school, and our lives may have gone in somewhat different directions (with families and all that) but when we do get together it’s as if not a day has passed. And that’s pretty damn awesome.

So as usual I’ve spent way too much time yakking on here again and must now hussle to get the weekly chores over with. Only have one hour left before I’ll need to start getting ready for my lunch date!


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