the usual sunday post.

Time is not my friend. I’m behind in my charity knitting by TWO projects. That darn Foliage toque gave me troubles last weekend; never did get around to starting the Fetchings. The only project I’ve made any real progress on this week was my Lace Ribbon Scarf – and even that wasn’t much!

It’s time to pick up the pace. Very hopeful that I’ll make up some ground this week… Lots of season premieres happening this week. Most notably my FAAAAAAAAAAAVE show. Not making any plans to leave the apartment this week. Well, except for Wednesday’s knit night with the Wooly Bullies of course. Can’t miss that!


I did manage to find a button for the felted accessory bag/clutch. Sewed it on last night – I think it looks alright:felted accessory bag

The Foliage toque is about 90% to completion. Just need to do a few more rows of ribbing before I cast off. I really like the colour of this one. Jewel tones are great."Foliage the Second"

I’ve been lucky to see some great concerts recently — Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Oasis, Elton John. All great shows. Next month is Neil Young and Lenny Kravitz. The city seems to be drawing a lot more artists through since we got the new arena. My bank account can’t keep up with it all! Between buying concert tickets and yarn… Starbucks… I’m gonna need a second job to fund these addictions :)

Been to a few movies lately too. Last weekend I caught The Women which wasn’t all that bad. More of a renter, but still worth the watch IMHO. Yesterday was Burn After Reading. Those Coen brothers are nut-jobs, but they sure do make fab films. Bizarre movie. Go see it. My movie-date & I agree: the less you know about this one, the better. Oooh! I was also very excited to see that The Dark Knight will be re-released in October. At the IMAX. Definitely going to check that out again. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. It’s worth the hype. Heath Ledger’s Joker is ahhhmazing. Brilliant flick. 

As always, I procrastinate. I must now flee the keyboard and get those pesky sunday chores over and done with. As an added plus I can turn the music up loud while I clean today, because loverboy is out whacking balls on the golf course. Wheee!


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