stumped, agitated, and inspired.

No, it wasn’t me who became agitated. It was this:
felted accessory bagA felted accessory bag – from the book 101 One-Skein Wonders. It is my very first felting project. And oooee what fun that was! Can’t wait to do it again. Now I must admit that it came out slightly longer than I had hoped, but I’m still happy with the results. Not so much an accessory bag as it is a mini clutch… Just needs a nice large funky wooden button and it’s done.

This whole felting thing came about because I was recently asked if I’d be willing to donate some knitted items to a local charity. 100% of all proceeds made from their upcoming craft sale go directly to needy children in Africa. How could I say no? This has sparked some “knit-spiration” in me and I’ve decided to contribute a bunch of smaller items to their cause. Things like toques, iPod/cellphone/camera cozies, dishclothes, and other stuff like that. So the above felted clutch is my first gift to the charity.


Next project up for bid (er, sale) will be a camera cozy. Cast on for it last night before I went to bed and will finish it later today (after my usual Sunday morning chores/blogging/procrastination…). Am using ‘mystery’ yarn acquired during the great Bobmas Eve Yarn Swap. Here’s what it looks like so far
camera cozyOooh, btw that’s the Heroes Season 2 dvd in the background. LOVE Heroes! Cannot wait for 09.22.08.
The other project that I’ve been focusing on lately are loverboy’s socks.
Merino Lace SocksWhich were coming along just fine until the heel. Since the pattern was originally written for knitting with 2 circular needles and I’m using dpns, I’ve sort of hit a bit of a speed bump. I know I’m just overthinking this little hurdle, but alas it has stumped me nonetheless. So his lovely socks are taking a brief time out – which has given me ample opportunity to get going on this whole charity knitting business. Guess there’s a reason for everything :)

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