beginnings, endings, and somewhere inbetween.

Yee-haw! Made it back from Tennessee in one piece. Aside from our temporary home, the biodome, we had a helluva good time.the "Biodome"(this is INSIDE the hotel, btw) 

Explored places like a new symphony hall (opened in Sept ’06),symphony hallthe Grand Ole Opry (where we saw Adam Gregory, a Canadian country star, have his Grand Ole Opry debut),Grand Ole Opry!and a popular three story country bar (where our very own band “The Tessiturians” took center stage – how cool is that?!).Tessitura represents!Unfortunately due to a couple of uncomfortable flights, not much knitting action happened. Managed to only get one pattern repeat worked on the Lace Ribbon Scarf. (This would be the ‘somewhere inbetween‘ portion of this post title.) I really like how the scarf is working up so far and feel that it will be the project I go to when other WIPs are getting me down.


And being a silly girl I started a new project before I left :) (‘beginnings’…) Some socks for my man. I recently bought the Interweave Knits Favorite Socks book and really like the Merino Lace sock pattern. So loverboy’s socks are being knit with that pattern and some MadelineTosh sock yarn (acquired during my “thirty-plus-one” birthday shopping spree). Of course I enlisted the help of loverboy in winding his sock yarn into a ball. Really must invest in a ball winder one of these days – tho the wooden spoon method is a good alternative, lol.yarn swift/ball winderLastly, I had a sit down talk yesterday with the blanket I started about a month ago. We agreed that our relationship just wasn’t meant to be, and so frogged she be. (‘endings’…) I’m sure everyone has experienced this type of knitting break-up before. At the start you are so excited about the yarn, the pattern, the progress. Then you realize you just aren’t into it anymore. And sometimes that reality takes a while to sink in. You know the inevitable end is coming, but you just can’t face it yet. Yesterday I faced it. While I love the pattern AND the yarn individually, I just wasn’t feeling them together in the project.



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