progress report: day thirteen.

Well, only five more days to go until the 2008 Ravelympics are over. The needles have not been worked very much since Monday. Am still dealing with a pair of socks which are only about 75% finished. However in saying that, I am quite sure that at the very least the socks WILL be on my feet by Sunday. The scarf and stole on the other hand… Not so much.

It’s definitely crunch time around here as I desperately try to finish these projects, work, prepare & pack for a trip to Nashville (which requires me to check in at the airport at 5:30 on Sunday morning. 5:30am!!!!), and do other various fun things a city girl does in between. Guess I better get back to knittin’ then, huh? And of course, watch the olympics. How about Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt. Wow. Ooh and I really enjoyed watching Simon Whitfield win the silver medal for Canada in the men’s triathalon.

Okay I’m really gonna go now…


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