progress report: day eight.

Maybe this should have been titled “non-progress report: day eight.”

My hopes of having one sock completely finished before bedtime on Wednesday night were squashed. And it’s still not done! Been a slacker-knitter these past couple of days. At this point I can probably only hope to have an *almost* completed pair of socks by the time the Olympic flame is extinguished on August 24th.

It’s possible that this weekend will be a productive one for my Ravelympics knitting challenge. It’ll be spent out-of-town and there will be no yarn shops or interweb access to distract me.

Ooooh, yarn shops… Stopped by one of my LYS’ yesterday as a matter of fact. At this week’s knit night, one of the Wooly Bullies mentioned that there was a sale on Noro Transitions. Enabler! Of course I just had to stop by to check it out. And of course a couple skeins came home with me…

Then to top it all off, I get home and whilst procrasinating on the internet I find out that my other LYS received some new yarns in this week. Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. Pfft! As if I’ll be able to resist that. I am very excited to try this new sock yarn. So I guess you know where I’ll be going after work today… :) This LYS also got in some Cascade 220 which I’ve always wanted to try. Think I’ll pick up a couple skeins in different colours and test it out on some new toques & mittens for the colder weather that will eventually be coming our way. Or, I could pick up a few skeins for the Christmas stockings I had planned to make for my nieces & nephew… Aah, my poor pea-brain can’t handle all the possibilities!

…fizzles out…


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