progress report: day three.

Day three already!?? Wow, better make this a fast post. Let’s get right down to it then.

First up, the Scarf Stroke. After 2 re-starts, I finally made it through 1 full pattern repeat. Forgot how much I love watching Noro yarn knit up.lace ribbon scarf

Secondly, WIPs Wrestling. Lace isn’t so bad after all. The Seascape stole is coming along nicely – however I have made numerous errors but I’m not ripping back. No way, nuh-uh.seascape stole

And lastly, the Sock Put. By far my fave project right now. And likely the one that will be finished first. First time using Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome and am LOVING it. That yarn + with the fantastic KnitPicks Harmony dpns + the awesomely fab Spring Foward pattern = a big ol’ smile on this daisy’s face.spring forward

Haven’t had much knitting time over the past couple of days. The work I had done in starting the Lace Ribbon scarf en route to the lake was promptly frogged. That’ll show me for taking an easy pattern for granted, lol. And stupidly, forgot to wind my sock yarn into a ball before the games began so Friday night was spent re-knitting the scarf,starting over (lace ribbon scarf)

then enlisting the help of my Momma with the winding. (Speaking of Mom, I think she may have her eyes on the Sock Put socks… Must be careful or these ones will be living on her feet too – heh!)


Saturday morning was a lazy day spent in the sun watching birds and knitting socks. No knitting for me on Saturday night because I was out. At the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers concert. Considered bringing the socks along, but glad I didn’t because we were groovin’ hard with Mr. Petty and his freakin’ fantastic band all night long. Whatta great show. So awesome.

That brings us to today. I’ll do a quick round of household chores and then the sticks will be clickin’ for the rest of the day. With the games playing on the telly in the background, of course.

Before I run off though, I just want to apologize to my knitting friends. Sorry I missed knit night this week. Don’t think supper agreed with me that night, so I opted instead to knit on the balcony in my jammies instead.solo SnB'ing on the balcony


2 thoughts on “progress report: day three.

  1. Oooo it’s Fiddlesticks lace. I think it’s a merino/silk blend – very soft and nice to work with. Lurrrrve the colour :)

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