o happy day.

Last night while spying on my Knit Picks order, I discovered that it was already in Winnipeg. Having only placed the order on July 28th I was quite happy about the super-dooper-speedy delivery this time ’round. Figured I’d get the delivery notice later this week. Yay!


Today I was a peeping tom again and squealed with delight when I saw that the ‘package was out for delivery’. Woo! O happy day. On top of only having to work a half day (thank you Winnipeg-Fringe-Festival-35-hours-of-overtime-banked-for-use-at-my-leisure), I could probably expect a “sorry we missed you” delivery card in my mailbox. Whee!


Arrive home after a brief stop at the local grocery shop to find my loverboy plunked on the couch eating lunch. On the kitchen counter, a box. A KP box! Loverboy tells me he stepped into the elevator with a deliveryman carrying a box. They both push the button for my floor. Loverboy asks if the box is for our suite number – having recalled my cries of joy at discovering the KP order was in The ‘Peg. Sure enough, the box belonged to ME. Joy! 

And inside this box…happiness in a box


-a sweater’s worth of Wool of the Andes in Blackberry (hello Central Park Hoodie!)
-my very own copy of Favorite Socks (love this book!)
-3 sets of various Harmony Wood needles (2 circs, 1 dpn)

Hooray! I cannot wait to start on my very first sweater project.
However, must endure Ravelympics events first. Then cast on for the sweater. Ravelympics first. Sweater afterwards. Sweater first, ravelympics later? No! Baaaaad Knitting Daisy. Your Ravelympics projects are all going to be just as amazing as that dang sweater will be. You can wait dammit.
Okay I’ll stop arguing with myself now. Sorry about that… :)

Countdown to 2008 Ravelympics: TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!


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