hello August!

Holy crap, where did July go? It was a busy month and I managed to survive almost 3 weeks without a day off (thank you Fringe Festival). The month ended on a good note though, with finally finishing the previously top secret unbloggable project, and the purchase of my very first set of Addi Turbo Lace needles (AND more sock yarn – tee hee hee!). 

It is now safe to speak freely about the secret project. However if you’re one of the Wooly Bullies, then you probably already knew what this project was. I was knitting a Moderne Baby Blanket for my BFF, who was expecting bebe numero trois. When her first two monkeys were born, I had not yet been introduced to the art of knitting. So when number 3 came along, I simply had to handknit something. It took what felt like forever and a day, endless rows of garter stitch, and way too many picking up of stitches but it is now complete. And in all my glory, I forgot to snap a pic of the final product. Such is life. Here’s a pic of it at about 75% to completion:sooooo many picked up sts...

I’m quite happy to say that she loved it. Yay!

And know I am free to knit whatever I want. Which brings me to my next topic – lace knitting. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a thread on the Ravelry ‘LOST Knitters’ group. They had set up a knit-a-long (KAL) of various ‘LOST’-themed projects in anticipation of the upcoming fifth season. One of the items was the Seascape shawl/stole from Summer ’08 Knitty. And since it was already in my queue, I thought ‘why the heck not!’ and joined the KAL. Well my needle stash told me otherwise. I didn’t have any proper lace needles. Being stubborn I decided to just use regular needles, because what’s the difference right? Wrong. Apparently lace needles are manufactured for a reason. For lace knitting. For lace knitting projects like Seascape. Yah. The KAL got put on hold until proper needles could be acquired. Instead I cast on for the Totally Autumn blanket. Which is coming along nicely. Am using Dream in Color Classy yarn which is a ‘dream’ to work with (pardon the pun). And then I finally discovered Addi Turbo Lace needles. Blanket is shoved aside, Seascape is cast on and am now zoom-zooming through the pattern. Amazing what the right needles will do. I bow down to thee, knitting gods. Thank you.

Of course one can never walk into a yarn shop and not walk out with yarn… :)100_4731

Estelle Arequipa, andFA somoka

Fleece Artist Somoko

Both sock yarns of course! The Fleece Artist will likely be turned into another pair of Froot Loops, and the Arequipa… Well that one was a total impulse buy, just because I loved the colour. It’s destiny will be revealed in time I’m sure.

Countdown to the 2008 Ravelympics: 6 more sleeps…


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