olympian in training.

The 2008 Summer Olympics games are set to begin in two weeks. And I am training for them. But not in the way you would think. See, the Olympics I speak of are a little less physical… One would say they are quite crafty actually. That’s right people, I am one of the many Team Canada representatives in the 2008 Ravelympics. It’s not too late to sign up…GO!

This is my first ever attempt at knitting olympics and my hopes are that I can overcome my OCD ways of only working on one project at a time. The idea is to start a project the day of the Opening Ceremonies and have the project(s) finished by the Closing Ceremonies. So not only will I struggle with multiple projects, but there is a time crunch too! 16 days of marathon knitting… We’ll see what happens :)

I’ve gone and signed myself up for not one but THREE events:
1) Sock Put – I shall cast on for a lovely pair of Spring Forward socks
2) Scarf Stroke – one skein of some stashed Noro Kureyon Sock will become a
Lace Ribbon scarf
3) WIP Wrestling – I’ve been trying to knit the
Seascape shawl with the wrong needles since July 5th (don’t ask)

In preparation for the games I have recently cast on for yet another project (that’s FOUR projects people!) – an afghan, using the Totally Autumn pattern from Knitty Fall 2007. I’m using a yarn I’ve never tried before, Dream In Color Classy. So far I’m loving it.

Oh and that top secret unbloggable project I’ve been slaving away at…is finished. Woohoo! However since I have not yet given it to the intended recipient I still cannot speak of it or show you a finished pic. Patience grasshopper. Your time will come.

Back to training.


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