so that’s how you do it.

I’ve been trying to figure out how so many knitters have been able to get their Ravelry project status bars show up on their blogs. And today I discovered how. Was actually pretty easy. But only after I stopped trying to paste the code into my blog header/title space. O.o !!! Guess I was taking Casey’s instructions a little too literally, lol.

Oooh. And then I was like ‘heck yeah i want pictures too’, so I pasted that code instead. Riiiiight. What’s the one thing I’m knitting right now? A TOP SECRET UNBLOGGABLE PROJECT. Hence pictures = BAD. Scratch the pictures, go back to just the simple progress bars. But again, helloooooooooo! Actual title of Top Secret Unbloggable Project appears above progress bar. Hmm… Could be a dead giveaway. Not taking any chances here. *whoosh!* Back to Ravelry — change project name to something that doesn’t allow for any guesses. Hehehe. Sneaky sneakerton.


Now if only I could figure out how to add in a Flickr photostream or something of the like…


And a photo of Rusty from last July just because I’ve been missing him so much lately. Momma loves you, baby bear <3the sunshine prince

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