(not quite a) professional golfer.

Tiger Woods be warned… You are in danger of being outshined by none other than mine own self. NOT!!! Canada Day was spent knocking golf balls around at a course just outside the city (and by ‘around’ I actually mean ‘in the water/sand/bushes’). This was my first time going golfing and I actually made it through ALL EIGHTEEN HOLES. Took us a good 3.5 hours and about 5 lost balls on my part, but we made it. Oh yes Mr. Woods, Knitting Daisy has conquered a novice par 3 course with a score of somewhere around *at least* 2 over par on *almost* every hole. You better watch out! LPGA Tour here I come. LMAO… It was fun though, once I got past the first hole where I almost gave up. It’s not as easy to hit the ball off the tee as you’d think! But the best part?fun times!I got to drive the cart :)


Let’s talk knitting. The top-secret, unbloggable WIP is about 70% complete. I was quite relieved to hear that I’ve got a little more time to finish said project, as originally I thought it would have to be done by the end of June… *whew*


Ideally I’d still like to have it finished by this coming Sunday, but I highly doubt it. Although I have received not one, but TWO packages filled with motivation – woo hoo! After the Wooly Bullies field trip to Sheeples last month, I ordered a drop spindle and roving online at Etsy. It came in the mail early last week. I was delighted and tried it out with the roving I picked up from Sheeples Fine Fibres right away. This:before...

Turned into this:...afterNow I know that doesn’t look like much, and it isn’t, but let’s all remember that I must must MUST keep trucking on the top-secret unbloggable project okay? Although I feel I should be completely honest and tell you that last night my handspun significantly increased somehow, tee hee hee.

"you spin me right round baby, right round..."                                "...like a record baby, round round, right round."

I needed a break alright? Sheesh. :)

So yeah, that was motivational package numero uno. Package number 2 arrived a couple days later but I was unable to pick it up until Sunday. Now this package was stuffed with a ‘kick in the arse’ — for my birthday I decided to splurge and ordered a bunch of that heavenly delicious fiber we call yarn. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-eeeeeee, happy birthday to me!birthday delight!Let’s see, what have we got here… On the bottom is 1250 yards of Dream in Color Classy, a tasty superwash aran weight merino, which will eventually transform into an afghan.

Next up is a hand-dyed hank of MadelineTosh sock (orangey-blue-brown), it’s a merino/wool blend and I was hoping that a pair of socks would come out of it for my man. However when I proudly shoved the yarn in his face and said “you know what this is? it’s gonna be a pair of socks for YOU!”, he replied by saying “that would make for a nice scarf”. Right. A manly scarf out of fingering weight yarn. Maybe we can compromise with a pair of mitts or even a hat. We’ll see.

Alright so moving on, we have a soft, soft, super-soft ball of Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox in a blue/green blend. It’s soft. I like it. It’s really, really soft.

And finally, at the very top of the pile lays my favourite of the bunch — a hank of Cherry Tree Hill’s Sockittome in Quarry Hill. It’s very colourful and I cannot wait to get my needles into it! Not exactly sure on which sock pattern I will use but I do like the Spring Forward design from Summer Knitty (speaking of Knitty, are the Summer surprises up yet?!!?)

Well thanks for stopping by my part of the blog-osphere, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time. Alas, now I must run away and pick up the needles on my unbloggable project… Until next time!


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