one down, one to go.

one lone monkeyHooray for a finished sock! Promptly cast on for sock #2 so as to avoid any future ‘one sock wonder’ name-calling by the Wooly Bullies. Let me tell you this whole sock knitting thing is a whole lot easier than I once thought. You should try it. I am in love with this sock and cannot wait for the set to be complete. Guess I should be knitting not blogging then, eh? That way I can walk around with BOTH feet engulfed in hand-knit sock goodness.

But I’ve got something else to show you. Look what followed me home yesterday:mirasol hachocrystal palace panda cotton

Aren’t they cute? How could one possibly turn them away :-)

Alright, alright. You caught me… Was downtown yesterday afternoon for an appointment and decided to make a little detour before heading home. Stopped in at Wolseley Wardrobe. I knew before going in that some of the Panda Cotton would be coming home with me. But the Hacho practically leaped out of it’s cubby into my arms. Really, it did.

So what should I make with the Mirasol Hacho? I’ve got two skeins. Was thinking perhaps a pair of socks for my man, maybe a pair of Knucks or other cool mitts, could be a cool looking Foliage too…


One thought on “one down, one to go.

  1. You could make some gloves…I don’t know if you remember mine (check out my ravelry), but they’re a Hatcho pattern, and they’re knit back and forth, up the fingers. They’re pretty quick to make, but there’s a lot of seaming.
    Personally, I’d prefer all that seaming to knitting 10 fingers in tiny little tubes…

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