everyone else is doing it.

Met up with a great group of knitters & crochetters this week in celebration of Bobmas Eve. Everyone brought with them some of their unloved stash for a yarn swap. It was fun, and I think most of my swapped yarn found new owners. Heck I even came home with a few miscellaneous skeins.

I did notice however, that as far as WIPs, I was clearly in some sort of minority. Everyone was knitting socks! Well not EVERYONE persay, but a pretty large chunk of the girls were. Well that does it, doesn’t it – Must. Knit. Socks. Need to see what all the hype is about, right? Right.

So this morning I browsed my Ravelry queue and found a pattern I’d like to try: Monkey by Cookie A. I’m using some Patons Kroy that has been in my stash for a wee while now. It’s a varigated yarn in blues & purples. See:patons kroy
Went up a size in needles too. Have just cast on the requisite number of stitches and am currently working the twisted rib cuff on sock no. 1 – Woo hoo!


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