whatta week.

Although I’m glad that it’s the Easter long weekend, it sure has been a rough week. We’ll start with Tuesday. I got home from work to find a package delivery slip which surely meant the yarn I had ordered from the states in late February was finally here. Sadly the notice told me I would not be able to pick up my parcel until Wednesday after 1pm. Gah! I hate waiting – it’s so close, if I closed my eyes I could almost feel the yarn as I tore open the package. But alas, I must wait one more sleep before I can really touch the wool…

Wednesday afternoon on the bus, heading to the post office. Excited about the parcel pick-up. Cell phone rings and It’s my Mom. She’s telling me that my Grandpa (my Dad’s dad), who has been in the hospital for close to a month, is not doing so well and that it’s basically just a matter of time. I hang up the phone maintaining my composure, focusing on the yarn. ‘Think happy thoughts about the yarn’, I tell myself. After waiting what feels like a million ba-zillion years in line at the post office, I am finally clutching my parcel which has come all the way from the state of Georgia into my loving arms.


I should stop for a minute and tell you why I needed to order yarn from Georgia. I’m knitting this:
clap your hands say yeah
It’s a
Clapotis. And originally when I bought the Noro Silk Garden for it, I had intended on making a smaller version of the original. Of course I changed my mind once I actually cast on for it. So the 5 skeins I had in my stash were not going to cut it. I cast on anyways, merrily knitting away until I had an approximate idea of how many more skeins of this beautiful yarn I would need. Well, when the time came to buy more yarn I was devastated to discover that neither of my LYS’ had the right colour in stock. Tragedy! And so began the “2008 Great Noro Silk Garden #211 Online Hunt“. I ended up finding this site and was quite happy to take advantage of their free shipping (even to Canada!) with a $50 purchase – which has since been changed to free shipping with purchase of $100, fyi. I ordered 3 skeins of Silk Garden, and to qualify for the free shipping I threw in a couple skeins of Silk Garden Lite. 


Back to my story.
“Happy yarn thoughts, happy yarn thoughts”…
Get home, open the package to find this:
not exactly what i was hoping for... 



Which clearly looks nothing at all like this:
the real deal 









Whoops. They had sent me colour #211 in Noro Kureyon instead of colour #211 in Noro Silk Garden. I was crushed. Threw my hands in the air and shouted “I give up!”. And let the tears that I had been holding back since my Mom’s phone call fall freely.


That night I visited my Grandfather in the hospital along with my Mom, Dad, Uncle and Aunt. Life is very precious, and I am so thankful to have the amazing family and friends who bring joy into my world each day. It’s a strange feeling, watching as a loved one takes some of their last breaths of life. I said goodnight to my Grandpa at 9:30pm that evening. He passed away about 9 hours later. I know he is at peace somewhere out there, and that he is re-uniting with my Grandma as I type this.


In the meantime I have kept my hands & mind busy with knitting. Started a reversible lace scarf using the Noro Silk Garden Lite from my recent yarn order. The colours will be gorgeous. The yarn is a wonderful blend of blue, green, yellow, and purple. Here’s a photo of it:<3 Noro Silk Garden Lite <3You may be wondering what happened with the yarn mix-up. Well I contacted the store right away and they promptly shipped out 3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in shade #211. Plus they are letting me keep the 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon. Even though I was initially really bummed out over getting the wrong yarn shipped, the great staff at allNORO.com (thanks Darilee!) made things right and did so in such a timely manner that I’m okay with having to wait ‘just a little while longer’ before I can finish my Clapotis.

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