sunday morning.

Sunday morning. This one feels like it will be pretty productive. Internal alarm clock rang at the usual 7am, threw in a load of laundry, and decided to bake. Chocolate chip cookies *and* lemon loaf. Double yummers! The lemon loaf is still in the oven, so guess what I had for breakfast?nom nom nom

Yep, some chocolate chip cookies; one from each baked batch. Well I had to test them, didn’t I? :)

Later today I’ll be doing the requisite ‘sunday chores’ – dusting, vacuuming, clean the bathroom, etc etc etc. After that, knitting of course.
This weekend I decided to tackle my “bad projects”. There are two of them. The first being ‘Fetching’. ‘Fetching’ was part of a KAL that the SnB Wooly Bullies did (the knit group I am a part of – we meet every Wednesday night in a pub for some knitting in public; always a good time!). For this particular project I was a very good girl and did a gauge swatch as I was using yarn in a weight heavier than was called for. The swatch was right on. I was giddy. Cast on, happily knitting, happily knitting…when *bang!* I hit a brick wall. ‘Fetching’ was looking to be a bit smaller than it should be. Why, why, WHY???? I knit on, refusing to admit the swatch could have been wrong. It fit, it was just a little snug that’s all… So I ended up having SSS (second sock syndrome) with a glove – I suppose that makes it SGS. That was September. It’s almost March. Yesterday I pulled ‘Fetching’ out of hibernation and cast on the second glove. I can prove it to you:

FetchingOnly about 10 rounds in, but I am determined to finish them. The hard part will be finding someone with small enough hands who will appreciate them. Or I could keep them for myself, as a constant reminder that GAUGE SWATCHING IS BAD!!!!!!!!!

Naughty WIP #2 is my ‘Zeeby’s Bag’ from the first Stitch ‘n Bitch book. The problem with this one is ‘Oh My Gawd There Are So Many Pieces To Sew Together!’, not to mention lining it. And that’s where it sits right now. A lovely teal green tote bag, all sewn up but without a close

Can you tell I loathe sewing? Not at all, eh. This one’s been on a time out since late November (it was started in September). All I need to do is sew in the dang liner and it’d be finished! But alas, it sits alone in a corner waiting ever so patiently for the sewing fairy to come. Starting to think that there is no sewing fairy… I’m crushed. Today I shall sew.

Well it’s 10am and I am off to chore-ville. Gotta get those done quick so there’s plenty of hours left
in the day for UFO work.

And maybe sneak in a nap ;)


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