the countdown has begun…

It seems that blogging is a once-a-month thing for me. Which I suppose is fairly normal when you consider the other sites one visits frequently on a daily basis – for me, those sites are (surprise, surprise) Facebook and Ravelry. So I’ll try to keep up at least with a monthly blogtalk and who knows, maybe pop in for a couple of unexpected visits along the way :)



Winter is not officially here, but the snow sure is. Not to mention the Jan/Feb-like weather we’ve been seeing lately. The snow is nice, helps put one in a festive mood. Especially since the big holiday is only 23 sleeps/knitting nights away!!!! Now I know all you crafters are probably thinking “ssh, don’t say it!”, but I think we all need that little reminder. I’m sure a lot of you are sporting hefty holiday-knit(craft)-lists and I don’t know about you, but mine sure isn’t moving along very fast.

In an attempt to give myself a little turbo-boost, I’ve decided to decorate today. Hopefully this will be the nudge of encouragement needed to pick up the turtle-like knitting needle pace I’ve been keeping of late. So as I type this fun sounds of holiday oldies (Andy Williams, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”) are playing from the stereo, and boxes of decorations are ready to explode with holiday cheer in every room.


There’ve been some changes to the knit-queue since my last posting, and I’ll try to summarize those now…
– Zeeby’s Bag: FINALLY picked out some fabric to line this totebag. The bag should be ready for it’s grand entrance into the real world by tomorrow :)
– Dad’s Knucks: are finished. However not only did I manage to knit an abnormally long pinkie finger, I also, in a moment of sheer silliness, used the wrong bind-off method – but only on one glove, lol. Thus resulting a matter of my Dad not being able to actually put the glove on. Must now attempt to un-bind the glove and re-cast off. Fun times.
– Fetching.1: still sitting idle at 45% complete. Don’t know when I’ll pick that one up again…
– Fetching.2: has been frogged. I’ve decided to use the yarn for a much needed pair of mittens for the cold hands of yours truly. Unlikely that these mitts will be on the needles until after the holiday knitting is done.
– Reversible Cabled Scarf: also frogged. Intend to cast on again very soon as this will be a gift for ???
crochet Amigurumi Bunny: banned from the list until further notice.
A few more items are currently on the needles, but in the event that the recipient’s eyes are reading these words they shall remain unwritten…

Lastly before I sign off for this month, I thought I’d tell you that I’ve been reading the latest book from the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off) and man-oh-man is it funny. True. And very funny. I’ve been smiling like an idiot on my bus rides to and from work each day. The Yarn Harlot nails every generalization of the common knitter. From the way we greet people to our knitting personalities. If you’ve never picked up one of her books, I recommend it.

Happy *holiday* knitting!!


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