feeling raverly-ous! (and it’s been awhile…)

So yes, a good chunk of time has passed since I last dabbled on my blog. Blame the knitting needles, work (darn job! stupid bills that need to be paid!!), unsuccessful attempts to remember how to crochet, and life. Oh, not to mention the big holiday season that is beginning to loom upon us… Ack! Everyone getting ready for Christmas? I know you fellow knitters are!

As I write this, I must note, there is a large white & orange cat curled up between me and the keyboard. This makes for an interesting typing stance. You try banging out words with a cat snuggled up on your forearm! LOL.

Ah Ravelry… Finally! Access to the most beautiful world of yarn, WIPs, FOs, and inspiration for new projects. Simply amazing it is. I highly recommend you get your name on their waiting list for an invite to the site (
https://www.ravelry.com/account/login). Well worth the wait. This community along with Facebook (what you don’t have a Facebook account either? click this: http://www.facebook.com/) have proven to be fantastic ways to waste away your lunchbreak and/or any and all free time you may encounter. Hello Facebook Scrabulous addict – this is me.


Lately I have been having a blast with some gals (bitches?) who belong to a Stitch ‘n Bitch group. The group was started on Facebook (see? Facebook’s great!) and about 5-10 of us meet up every week at a local pub for knits and giggles. We’ve done a couple of knit/crochet-alongs together which is handy for learning new techniques or mastering ones you may have recently learned. All in all, it’s a fun bunch of ladies to hang out with and I’m glad to have had to opportunity to meet them via cyberspace (thanx FB!).
Let’s see… what’s on the needles these days… We’ve got:
Zeeby’s Bag (totebag) for me (teal merino) 95% complete – just need to line and sew the bag.
Knucks for Dad (black tweed wool) 50% complete – one more hand to go!
Fetching.1 for ??? (Noro Kureyon) 45% complete – must finish thumb, then make 2nd glove.
Fetching.2 pour moi (bright purple merino) 10% complete – loving the colour so far.
– a reversible cabled scarf for ??? (Noro Silk Garden) 15% complete – beautiful colourways.
and finally the crochet project that’s got me slightly frustrated:
– an Amigurumi bunny for ??? (2 complementary colours of wool) 0.5% complete – I can’t even count the number of times I have cast on and frogged the bunny head…

Oh and there will be so much more to be added onto the knit-list; a handful of smaller projects as gifts for family and friends.

Guess I’d better get to it! Ciao :P


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