loooong weekend.

September long weekend…Also known as the end of summer (tho you wouldn’t know it by the heat wave we’ve got goin’ on right now!), the start of school (not for me!), and for me, the start of theater season — yippee!! 

Thankfully, I have nearly finished 1 of my Knucks… After a long battle with the thumb (what good are thumbs anyways?) and another gratifying dishcloth (see?):"instant gratification"


KnucksThe Knuck is 95% complete; only now I have to make a second Knuck to match the first, lol. Then to sew in all those yarn ends… Oh how I dislike weaving in the ends. Sewing and weaving are not my friends, we do not play nicely. Here is my almost ready Knuck:

Just need to finish the 1×1 ribbing for about another inch & a half. Maybe I can get away with Michael Jacksoning it – you know, just wear the one glove. I’ll make it fashionable again, lol :)

In my last post I rambled on about how excited I was to see a certain Mr. JT… Which was amazing! Such a talented boy, our little Justin is — and cute to boot :) Wanna look?Mister JT

Quite a performer, he is. His FutureSex/LoveShow tour managed to pack the MTS Centre two nights in a row. Sad that I missed out on seeing him in Vegas tho… Next time, JT, next time I won’t let you down.

So, long weekend… It’s actually already Sunday, which means the weekend is half over, but still lots going on. Tonight, tonight – managed to snag the last couple tickets for Funk Boat 2007. Should be good times.

Monday will be ‘organize yarn stash’ day; a task that is very much needing to be done. Perhaps I can show you some before and after shots as I rearrange (and rediscover!) wool that has been shoved away, out of sight (sorta).

Back to the Knuck(s)! I certainly hope the 2nd hand goes much quicker than the first… :)


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